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You've been invited to read and review some "kelligraphy" by hopeful novelist, Kelly Crew. 

After years of being encouraged to try my hand at writing professionally - literally since I was a child - I've finally settled down on a book idea - one that's actually become more than just a concept - called The Whore of Scrabylon

It's not Pulitzer Prize stuff but it's fun, so I hope you find yourself laughing more than yawning. From constructive criticism to gushing praise, all types of input are welcome and appreciated. 

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     Judging a book by its cover

This is my favorite cover, probably because the girl looks a lot like me when I was in college and (Lord knows) "Vanity, thy name is Kelly!"

However, I don't think it would have enough "mass market appeal" so I'm sure a publishing house would never choose it. I designed some other, more market friendly covers so CLICK on this one to visit that page and vote for your favorite, thanks!

BTW: the truth is, I'll let them choose any old cover that want, if someone is actually interested in publishing it. This is a lot of fun, but I want to sell books, not make a social statement!


A Butt Head came up with scrabble


In 1938, architect Alfred Mosher Butts created a word game called Lexico. Click the game box for history and fun facts.

Dressing for Success

in Scrabylon

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FASHION PAGE to see images of the

famous dresses and film costumes copied by

Hollywood Dresses, the fictional business

owned by Jess Belardino, the heroine of Scrabylon.

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